Against a backdrop of international mobility, changing countries and cultures,
multicultural environments and/or multiple identities, intercultural wellbeing is the state in which we feel
we have achieved balance in life on an emotional, psychological, physical and intellectual level.

Working and living with other cultures can be an enriching experience, but there are some pitfalls to watch out for. Whether changing country or culture, interacting with people and cultures other than our own, or juggling several cultural identities, it’s not always easy! It is only natural to feel that your balance has been disturbed, and to feel a sense of unease.

Intercultural wellbeing is based on a number of factors that may intersect: physical, material and
environmental conditions, as well as personal, social and professional attitudes. It’s important to be able to
identify the elements that facilitate your wellbeing in/with cultures other than your own.

To do so, it’s essential that you have the right information to establish a suitable environment, understand
the new culture and its codes, and thus feel at home there, before developing the appropriate action

Helping and supporting you in this process is at the heart of our business, whether in terms of the practical
aspects and/or those linked to intercultural experience.

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