Founder Country Profession
Tim Clarke Royaume Uni International civil servant & diplomat.
Mirna Frascarelli Uruguay Psychologist.
Guy Lehner France Teacher training manager & volunteer worker with refugees.
Virginia Manzitti Italie International civil servant in charge of Development Cooperation.
Isabel Mohedano France-Belgique Intercultural expert.
Andrés Mohedano Sohm Espagne Entrepreneur.
Patrick Van der Plancke Belgique Company director & coach.


Patricia Lambert (White Move)
Founder WHiTE, Your Move Ahead. Global Advisory in Leadership, Talent & Career Deployment.
Peter Stone (JustDifferent)
Founder Just Different. Diversity and Inclusion Consultant.
Isabel Mohedano Sohm
Founder of AILEC & Pro InterCultura. Intercultural and EU affairs advisory.


Pro Intercultura was founded by people who have been working for many years in diverse international and intercultural professional environments in the private and public sectors. United around the goal of facilitating a comprehensive and positive approach to diversity, it thus contributes to the development of more innovative and inclusive societies.

Pro InterCultura mobilizes a network of counsellors, coaches and mediators who are passionate about their work and have recognized professional experience. They work as a team, bringing together the necessary talents to best meet objectives with flexibility and professionalism.

Aware of the challenges, Pro InterCultura operates via a network of team members, skilled experts, trainers, coaches, advisors, mediators, etc. All are passionate about the task and have solid recognized professional experience.